Notes to Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories

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Some Favorite Links:

Gary Lee who is the owner of in Saginaw, Texas.   

He recorded the MP3 files on the audio sample page.

My writer's club has a blog upon which some of my pieces appear:

If you have an interest in writing and are in the Fort Worth area please visit the Greater Fort Worth Writer's Club.

If you like writing topics and book reviews, much of it romance, try the blog of my fellow writer Ruby Johnson.

My friend Josh, who is an IT recruiter I have dealt with, also writes books.  He has a set of three inspirational Christian books based on life stories and  specific Biblical texts.

Here is a Christian book by a young man I met on a business trip to Atlanta.   Demetrice Gates.  He takes personal situations and applies scripture to them.

Demetrice Gates' book on Amazon

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