Notes to Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories

So what is an ILYPANTS you ask?  It stands for “I Love You Plus  A Note To Stephanie”.  After marrying Stephanie I wrote a series of notes to her that could be described as love letters and also as notes on everyday things going on in our life together.  The second is the life’s stories part of it.  That is, the events that took place with work, family, and our kids.  From good to bad to all states of being in between.

At some point I noted that I had enough of them to make a book, which I have done. That is my first book, "Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories". The notes are in chronological order and cover times from late 2006 to early 2009.  There are some common themes in them like the cycles and stages of life, but also more specific things like dealing with grown up children and the weather too.  As I said above,  they are stories about life with some philosophical thoughts thrown in too.

The second book, "Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered" is a sequel to the first book and is an entirely new collection of real life stories from the same period in time. The notes in this book cover many things like Hurricane Ike, a favorite hamburger joint, family gatherings and angst, country places with a view, more on the kids, and everyday things like shopping and thunderstorms in the spring.

The third "notes" book contains events and stories about my two children.   This book recounts all types of stories about my kids when they were growing up. Favorite pets, being sick, seeing the grandparents, their hobbies, holidays like Christmas, their personalities, and the flow of life itself as things and circumstances changed.

And a fourth book, just in the outline phase now, will be about my childhood and family. Finally  I am thinking about a fifth book whose contents could be just about anything at this point.  The entire group of books will be called "The Notes Series".

There are sample chapters on the mp3 file page and on Amazon each book has the Look Inside feature so you can see the entire contents of the books too.

Any middle aged person who has married can identify with the stories I have put together.  That is the point of my work.  The set of books tells a story that many of you have lived over the years.  Perhaps they will show you how things were dealt with or maybe simply entertain you.  Regardless, my hope is that they provide something interesting that I can share with you.

Jeffery W.  Turner, Author


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