Notes to Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories

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About The Books & Ordering:

The books can be ordered on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.  Below are links to their sites showing the book.

Amazon, use their "Look Inside" feature to see content of all three books:

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About Me:

By trade I am a CPA who got out of accounting in 1985 into the infomration technology field. I mostly do project management.  People said I could write well but until now I never did a book.  Of course that has now changed.

I have two grown kids who are of course mentioned in the books, and will be the subject of my third book. As far as other stuff I do I like reading history, cooking, disc golf (golf played with special frisbees), playing wargames (go to www.consimworld if you do not know what that is), and watching the weather.  I am working on a cookbook with my recipes and maybe some of my mom's and grandmother's..  

As far as books after the ones you see on the homepage, I am planning one about my childhood and family, and one with miscellaneous notes about people and things.  After that, who knows right?  Life as always will dictate that content.

And here is picture of me in far north Fort Worth not so far from where I live.

Picture of me

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